Meet Stacie Kearns

Stacie Kearns Art....DOING GOOD....Spreading LOVE, JOY, HOPE, and HEALING through the power of art.
EMPOWERING people to make their lives better through creating or viewing art. Art can give hope, inspire and heal the human spirit.
ENGAGING environments with beautiful, powerful and inspiring artwork.
CONNECTING people through art workshops. Connecting and engaging the community through art.
 Hi, I'm Stacie. I am a faith-filled artist, art educator, wife and mother of three. I left my career as an elementary art teacher to follow my dream of being an artist full time. I am blessed to be able to create in my home studio in Cleves, Ohio. I believe we are all created in purpose, on purpose, for a purpose and my purpose and mission is to spread​ LOVE, JOY, HOPE​ , and ​HEALING​ through the power of art. I have found that art can give hope, inspire, and heal the human spirit. I help people nourish their souls and find gratitude and joy through viewing or creating art. I work with cancer groups, families with a baby in the NICU, pregnant critical care moms, church groups, hospice groups and other groups from the community who need a much-needed opportunity to breathe, create, get centered, relieve stress, hope and heal. Art is powerful and it can transform and give people a place and space to learn to breathe again.
A couple of things make my art unique. My paintings start with creating the image in joint compound. This gives my paintings great texture and depth. I then paint over the joint compound with acrylic and latex paint. I add words to my art to uplift, inspire, and encourage. Words are powerful. Words have weight. They can drag you down. Words have height. They can lift you up. Words have length. They can last a lifetime.
With my beautiful friend Amy Rogers I created Bright Spot Boxes. When we began to work together Amy had been battling Cancer for 5 years. We want to offer people a way to bring light to those in their darkest days. Everyone needs a pick me up every now and then. These boxes are designed for people of all ages who need inspiration to keep smiling and move forward. “Be the light that helps others see.” Amy passed away in August 2018 and it is my mission to continue to share her light.
You can follow my journey on Facebook and Instagram @Stacie Kearns Art.

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